Writing In The Montessori Classroom

Writing In The Montessori Classroom

It’s time to set up the writing area of the classroom.  I always start with a few writing works and build it up throughout the year. thick markersThe marker jars are set out with 3 thick and 3 thin markers in each jar. There are 12 jars that hold the markers. One for red, blue, yellow, purple, orange,green, brown, black, gray and pink. Last year one of the older students commented that it is just like the metal inset pencil holders but with markers! The three year olds like the yellow jar the best! They often take 3 yellows. As the year progresses they begin choosing yellow with other colors!

greetingwearefriendsI always set out the pattern writing, greeting card writing, number writing, the calendar writing and picture word writing. Most of my students choose the greeting card work first. They like to take one We Are Friends Card and 3 markers of any color. They color the bears and trace over the words. Some deliver them to their friends cubbies with great delight. They are so happy to see each other after the summer holiday is over.

mklightboxcalendThe calendar is a favorite work of older returning students. Most still trace the numerals but some choose to use the blank calendar and write their own numerals. A light box is a wonderful place to practice writing work and make a calendar of your own!

Our new calendar writing book for August 2015 through August 2016 as a book is now available. Calendar Writing Masters Of if you like the PDF version get it here Calendar Writing PDF

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